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Salzgitter location

Application Technology - cold and hot strip

  • Customer support in material selection, with processing problems, material changes, etc. 
  • Parameters of forming relevance for FEM simulations 
  • Static and dynamic finite elements simulation 
  • Forming experiments to characterize forming properties 
  • Compression tests and forming analyses on site at the customer 
  • Welding support with material selection, processing problems, material changes, etc. (resistance spot welding, laser welding, alternative joining methods such as punch rivets, pressure joints, adhesion) 
  • Welding testing requiring approval of new materials 
  • Investigation of component properties via stress and crash tests

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Surface Technology

  • Customer support in the use of surface-finished products with regard to the selection, further processing and usage properties of surface-finished thin sheets by creating application, corrosion-protection and processing strategies 
  • Introduction of new coating systems (e.g. in the automotive, domestic-appliance and the construction industry) 
  • Release testing to meet technical delivery specifications for surface-finished products
  • Investigations parallel with development to optimize coating and subsequent treatment processes 
  • Assessment of corrosion and weathering properties 
  • Characterization of metallic and organic coatings

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Materials and Process Development - cold and hot strip

  • High and highest strength multi-phase steels and micro-alloyed hot strip 
  • Cold-rolled higher-strength steels for cold-forming 
  • Steels for special processing, e.g. for enameling applications 
  • Hot strip for spiral-welded pipes with special corrosion properties (e.g. acid-gas resistance) 
  • Highest strength super-plastic steels 
  • Strip casting methods (DSC) 
  • Air and water-quenchable strip steels for passenger-car construction 
  • Experimental and numerical material simulation 
  • Special investigations 
  • Materials database 
  • Structure characterization 
  • Layer and surface analysis 
  • Damage assessment 
  • Determination of calorimetric variables 
  • Micro-range analysis 
  • Complaint processing 
  • Identification of third-party samples 
  • Release testing 
  • Conception and development of online testing methods and facilities for material characterization 
  • Non-destructive materials testing in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9712 (UT, ET, RT, MT, PT)
  • Radiation protection

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